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Woman found dead after house fire in Grayson County

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A house fire in Tom Bean has left one woman dead.

Sunday tonight the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office took over the investigation because the home is just outside city limits. Deputies say a 71-year-old woman lost her life and they believe she lived in the home with her son.

"A buddy of mine, I guess he volunteers some with the fire department,” said William Uranga, a neighbor, “he had just told us somebody had passed down there."

Around 11 a.m. on Sunday morning, fire crews from several agencies across Grayson County responded to a structure fire at 1637 Whispering Oaks Street, right outside of Tom Bean city limits.

"Gunter, Van Alstyne, Bells, Howe, Tom Bean, Whitewright, Anna, tenders from Anna, Gunter,” said Grayson County Fire Marshal Kevin Walton, “so quite a few departments from Grayson County and then one from Collin County.”

Officials say they located the body of 71 year old Jeanne Hatch Sowell inside the home and they believe her son, who lived with her, came home to see the fire and attempted to go into the home and save her. He suffered minor injuries.

"I wish the family the best,” said Uranga.  

Neighbors say the street had been flooded with traffic all day on Sunday, but not just from emergency vehicles. They say drivers could see the smoke from the highway and sped down the narrowed street to see what was happening.

"Stay out of the way,” said Uranga. “They’ve got a job to do down there and if they've got all this traffic coming back and forth that don't do anything but just get in the way of what they're doing."

Residences also say they were surprised to hear of the fatal fire because that type of incident is rare in this area.

"They have a burn ban here in Tom Bean constantly, you're not allowed to burn anything,” he said. “So that's another weird thing."

At this time, Sergeant David Russell says there's no reason to believe anything suspicious caused the fire. He says it is still under investigation and a State Fire Marshal will be on the scene Monday morning.