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Sherman Police Apply For Grant To Buy New On-Body Cameras

SHERMAN, TX -- Get ready for your close-up! Sherman police officers could soon get cameras that will record all their interactions with the public.

Surveillance cameras have become a common sight in banks and stores. But what about seeing them right on the uniform of your friendly neighborhood police officer?  It's a plan that the Sherman Police Department is working on.

Police say the cameras will help in prosecutions because they provide an extra piece of evidence.

"Not just what an officer said somebody else did," says Sgt. D.M. Hampton. "You'll actually see firsthand what the officer and the snap decision that he or she may have had to make." to have

cameras show just what the officer sees up close, and council members approved applying to the Department of Justice for a grant. 

It would give $8,893 to the city that it plans to use to pay for some of the cameras, and $4,266 to Grayson County for officer safety and technology upgrades.

"It's gonna help in evidence preservation where officers may find, for instance, narcotics," says Hampton. "Instead of just reading it in black and white in a report, they're actually going to see it so it's a firsthand view for the public and for a jury and for a judge."

If they wind up getting these cameras, it would not be the first type of recording device that they have. Police say they've been using some form of dashcams, which started off using VHS tapes, since around the late '90s.

"When they pull up, it automatically starts downloading that," says Hampton.

Now, they no longer carry around tapes. It all transfers through wireless. However the dashcam and a camera in the back seat can't see everything.

"A lot of times, a lot of enforcement action takes place outside the view of that," says Hampton.

Police say more often than not, when a complaint is made, the video will clear officers, not get them in trouble.

"When there's complaints about officers being rude or doing something that was wrong, if it didn't happen in front of the dashcam video of the patrol car, then it's just one word against the other," says Hampton.

Ada has some of these cameras. Denison does not. Sherman is applying through the 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program.

Police hope they will deter criminals from misbehaving and resisting arrest.