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Prosecution rests case against man accused of killing Denison teen

GRAYSON COUNTY -- The trial of a man accused of killing a Denison teenager resumed Friday.

Robert Gray, Jr. faces a number of charges, including murder. He's accused of hogtying and gagging Brandon White, 15, at their Denison home in January 2013.

White was the son of Gray's girlfriend. He was autistic and bi-polar.

This week, the jury heard from a number of witnesses called by the prosecution, including Denison police detectives, doctors and family members.

"I think that we've done a good job of efficiently putting on the evidence. We've certainly strived to do that," Asst. District Attorney Matt Johnson said.

Friday, the medical examiner testified injuries to the teen were consistent with what Gray is accused of doing.

We asked prosecutors how they felt the jury was handling the graphic nature of the evidence.

"The jury has been taking notes, they're absorbing it very well," Asst. District Attorney Britton Brooks said. "We have 13 people in there who are all paying very close attention."

Today, the defense began calling witnesses including a teacher who testified she saw a loving household when she visited the home. She described White as a loving, affectionate teen who enjoyed country music.

The jury decided to go home a little early Friday because the next couple witnesses are expected to take a while. We're told one of those witnesses will be the teen's mother.

Testimony resumes Monday morning.

Gray could face life in prison, if convicted.