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Miranda Lambert Debuts Shelter Saving Documentary Filmed At Tishomingo Animal Shelter

On Good Morning Texoma, we were proud to show off another great effort by a much loved Texoman. Miranda Lambert is one of the hottest performers in country music right now, and she's right here in our back yard working on an effort to save the lives of animals across the country. That effort started in her hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

As a dog lover with six adopted dogs of her own, Miranda Lambert has worked hard to help homeless dogs and raise awareness for the shelters that support them tirelessly. Now, thanks to Pedigree she’s working on a new initiative to improve the conditions in shelters across the continental United States with much-needed renovations and food to help shelter dogs look and feel their best.

To show her support, Miranda Lambert is unveiling her own story with a documentary film that showcases her passion for dog adoption and highlights the impact the renovation of the Tishomingo Animal Shelter and PEDIGREE  food donation has made in the lives of her hometown shelter dogs.

For more information on how you can get involved through Pedigree Facebook page: Click Here