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Noble Foundation Hosts Prescribed Burn Workshop

ARDMORE, OK -- When you first hear the term, you may think a prescribed burn is the same as a controlled burn.

But experts from the Noble Foundation say that's not true and now they're putting on a two-day workshop to educate landowners about it.

Wildfires are typically never a good thing.

But experts from the Noble Foundation in Ardmore say fire in prescribed amounts is more ideal.

"A prescribed burn has a plan that a landowner or the person doing the burning has to go by," said Russell Stevens, a wildlife and range consultant with the Noble Foundation.

That's what several landowners and farmers from across Texoma are learning to do at two-day workshop.

 Unlike a controlled burn, a prescribed burn requires a written plan.

 "There's also a lot of other variables that go into that plan such as weather, labor, equipment, smoke management, the objectives of the burn," said Stevens.
Stevens says most of the Texoma area is a tinderbox
"Without frequent fire, the fuel in the southern great plains builds up," said Stevens.

Stacey Davis who just recently bought some land near Guthrie, remembers this years wildfires all to well.

On Wednesday he came to get some tips on land management.

"We're aware of all the wildfires they just had," said Davis. "You don't just throw a match down and run away you got all these things to take into consideration."

Norman Ponder, a wheat and hay farmer from Sherman, has used prescribed burns before.
"Within 30, 45 days once you burn it clear all the grass will come back," said Ponder. "It just blows your mind."
Ponder says he will soon plan a burn on his brother's property near a creek to help turn a profit.
"My brothers has had it for 30 years and we've never made a profit," said Ponder.
Stevens says landowners have the right to burn on their property, but using the written and planned approach of prescribed burning would greatly cut down the number of fires that get out of control.
The Oklahoma Prescribed Burn Association says of the nearly 12 hundred burns prescribed last year, only 16 got out of hand.