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Lake Texoma Shoreline Management Use Ban to Be Lifted

LAKE TEXOMA--The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be lifting a ban on Lake Texoma that could entice many across the area to plant their stakes there.
Beginning next month, the Corps will be lifting a ban on shoreline management use that has been in place since 2009. They say the change could mean good things for the lake.  
"Currently on Lake Texoma, there are a little over 700 private floating structures," said BJ Parkey--assistant lake manager for the Army Corps of Engineers.
Those private floating structures are personal boat houses, and lake officials say beginning this summer that number could rise.
Parkey says a moratorium on shoreline management use went into effect during May of 2009 after severe flooding in 2007.  
"Basically what that has prevented folks from doing since 2009 is anyone requesting a new structure on the lake, or expanding the footprint of their existing structure," he said.
Experts say the moratorium has prevented lake goers from building personal boat houses for the past five years. They say there is a long waitlist of people who will be very happy come July 1 when it's lifted.
"There's a little over 100 individuals on that list," said Parkey. "So we're going to clear that list first prior to taking any new applications from any new customers around the shoreline." 
The Corp's deputy chief of public affairs, Sara Goodeyon, says potential applicants will be informed when waitlist clears.  
"We will make an announcement to let the public know when we're coming to the end of that phase of working through the backlog," she said. "We will let everybody know in plenty of time that they can get in and put in their shoreline use request."
Parkey says lifting the ban could even boost the local lake economy.
"This will hopefully help some local businesses around the lake to restart the boat dock building process," said Parkey.
Parkey knows a lot of people will want to get on this list for boat houses, but he wants to emphasize they won't be taking any  new applicants until the current waitlist is cleared. Anyone with questions should contact the lake office.