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Longtime Sherman Area Educator Honored For Service

A longtime local educator was honored by Grayson county commissioners this morning.

For the last 27 years Betsy Anderson has been working to improve adult literacy in the county.

She says she noticed a lot of people were having a hard time passing because they couldn't read.

That's why Anderson applied to the Texas education agency  in 1986 for a grant to start the Grayson literacy team.     

She recently retired and today commissioners honored her long  years of service to the community.

"So many people out there who want to achieve, it's not that they're lazy, or anything like that, as some people think, they want to achieve, and yet they don't know how to get to their goal, and that's what we're trying to do is to help them reach that goal," said Anderson.

Anderson began her career as an educator by teaching in the GED program at Sherman ISD.