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Local Motocross Racer Has Big Dreams

LANE, OK ----- Atoka County isn't known for it's action sports, but Stringtown's Zeke Sherrard plans to change that.

Sherrard has been racing motocross for more than ten years and the 15 year-old is now one of the top riders in the area.

"I've been told by a couple of pros that I have the potential to go pro so I'm trying to stay at it and hopefully go pro," Zeke Sherrard said.

The Stringtown sophomore's aspiration to turn pro started when his dad bought him his first bike at three years old and then when he turned 11, his dad built him a park.

"It got too expensive to travel every weekend, two to three hours to go ride. So I just thought we'd open up our own track and give it a try," Zeke's father and owner of Shogun MX Park, Shawn Sherrard said.

Every time Zeke leaves his competition in the dust, he's one race closer to putting Stringtown on the map.

"All the tracks are a long way away, they're two hours away from our house, just about. A bunch people don't know where it's at. We tell them about the track and they don't even know," Zeke Sherrard said.

"There's really nobody around the Atoka area that really does any motocross, hopefully him going out and riding and getting better, letting people see it. Hopefully it'll translate into more people coming to the track and getting more locals involved in the sport," Shawn Sherrard said.

You can find out more information about Shogun MX Park at http://www.shogunmx.com/