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Bricks at Eisenhower Veterans Monument now for sale

DENISON -- The city of Denison is offering a unique way to become part of the town's history while helping build the future.

The statue of President Dwight D. Eisenhower is the centerpiece for the Eisenhower Veterans Monument at the entrance to Loy Lake Park. 

But the ground surrounding the statue is paved with engraved bricks which are now for sale.

The names of hundreds of veterans have been memorialized in the bricks since the monument opened in 2011.

There are also messages to all the branches of the armed forces printed in them.

Each year, between Memorial Day and July 4, the city of Denison makes the bricks available for the public to purchase.

"It's a reverent place, you know, when you see the veterans out there. A lot of the family members visit for the veterans that have passed on and it's very important to them to do this," Donna Dow with Denison Main Street said.

The cost of the bricks ranges between $70 and $100.

The money goes towards upkeep at the monument and a new WWII project the city is putting together.

The deadline to order is July 4.

The bricks added this year will be dedicated during ceremony in October honoring President Eisenhower's birthday.

If you would like a name engraved on one of the bricks, you can call the city at 903-464-4452, or log on to