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Silver Alert canceled for missing Whitewright man

 WHITEWRIGHT, TX -- Whitewright police say Sunday night they found 76 year old Clarence Peavey at a Sherman motel around 6 p.m. KTEN spoke with Peavey's neighbors Sunday, who have been worried for him since his disappearance Friday afternoon.

"I just hope he's safe,” said Shirley Richardson, Peavey’s neighbor, “and that he's found. My prayers are with him."

Whitewright residents can now put their minds at ease after worrying about their neighbor who hadn't been seen since Friday.

'The last I saw him,” said Suzanne Goodfriend, “he was working on his truck then I didn't see him anymore."

Whitewright police say they received a call from a Sherman locksmith who recognized Peavey, who had locked his keys in his truck. Deputies located him at the crossroads motel. Neighbors told KTEN they had been worried about his safety on the road.

"He admitted that several times that he would be even on his motorcycle,” said Richardson, “going down the road and he'd just fall asleep."

Residents say the Waterford Apartments complex is a tight knit community and as far as they knew, he lived alone.

"I've been here a little over 18 years and he moved in,” she said, “I think it was 2001 somewhere around there and as far as I know, he had nobody."

Whitewright police say they didn't have much contact with Peavey's family, except for his daughter who lives in Canada. Early Sunday morning she reached out to Dennis Bailey - who lives in the building over.

"She asked me who called the police,” said Bailey, “and I said I don't know I said I haven't seen your dad since three days. And I said I’ve been concerned about him."

Officers say they took Peavey into their custody and he will be transferred to a local nursing home.  Whitewright police say they have canceled the Silver Alert for Peavey. They say he is in stable condition and will be admitted to the Whitesboro Nursing and Rehab Facility.