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Pontotoc Co. Sheriff Wants Everyone To Know About Third Employee Arrest

ADA, OK -- For the third time in about a month, a Sheriff's Office employee in Pontotoc County is arrested, and the sheriff says he won't sweep corruption under the rug.

Jailer Devin Adams, 26, of Ada, was booked into the same jail where he was going to work on charges of bringing in contraband and drug possession with intent to distribute.

Sheriff John Christian says he called the DA's drug task force, which found Adams allegedly trying to bring tobacco, lighters, rolling papers, a cell phone charger, and an unknown drug into the jail on Thursday night.

 "A lot of places I believe probably, I'm not going to say cover up, but certainly don't make public their investigation," says Christian. "I don't want these people that are placed in a position of public trust to be able to get a job at another facility and do the same thing, and therefore I want to proceed with the case being prosecuted and an outcome determined."

Christian says they believe someone on the outside was paying to bring the items in.

"They received some more information from that day that he would bringing some items into the jail, into the Justice Center last night, and they set up and watched that situation happen, and before he was able to bring the items into the jail, took him down outside the facility and did a search that he gave consent to do the search," says Christian.

Adams has worked there 4 months and posted a $50,000 bond, Christian said.

"We had information from a confidential source that this was going on, we did we did look at some video that confirmed some irregular movement in the facility by him, and this was on a prior occasion, and that's when I called in the District Attorney's Task Force," says Christian.