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Denison Wal-Mart Evacuated After Man Allegedly Threatens To Harm People

DENISON, TX -- Police arrest a man after they say he made threatening comments inside a Denison store, forcing shoppers to evacuate the building.

Roy Fruen Jr., 45, of Howe, was booked in on a charge of terroristic threat preventing the use of a public place.

Police say Fruen was inside the Woodforest National Bank at the store around 11:30 a.m. on Saturday when he started making threatening comments while talking on his cell phone.

Police told the store to move everyone away from the bank, but the store decided to evacuate customers.

"He had had some type of dispute with the bank over an account and he was talking on his cell phone and allegedly made threats to harm himself and everyone around him which did alarm people inside the bank," says police Lt. Mike Eppler. "The employees of the bank were moved out. The Wal-Mart store itself was evacuated."

The store manager says it only disrupted business for about 5 minutes.  Fruen was arrested without incident and police say he was not carrying any weapons and did not ever make any threats about weapons.

He was taken to the Denison City Jail and is facing a Class A misdemeanor charge. No one was hurt.