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Double Stabbing At Lake Texoma Leaves One Man Dead

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Deputies are investigating a double stabbing that ended with one man dead on a front porch near Denison.

Two neighbors say they tried to help Joe Daynes, 33, who was lying on the front steps of the home of Kenneth Harralson, 56.

"We did chest compressions and CPR to try to bring him back, but to no good," says Marie Landers. 

"Me and my mother pulled him down, started doing CPR trying to get him to come around, got his shirt off him, tried to get the bleeding to stop, worked on him for 15 or 20 minutes," says Stacy Landers.

The double stabbing happened about 8 p.m. Friday night on Janice Drive. Deputies say both men spent time together earlier and then Daynes left and then came back and tried to kick down the door.

"When we arrived on the scene, the ambulance was taking one person to the hospital and there was one deceased male at the residence," says Chief Deputy Tom Rains.

The Sheriff's Office says Daynes was stabbed to death near the doorway. They found him lying in a pool of blood.

Harralson was treated for a broken elbow and cuts, and then arrested on an unrelated warrant, Sgt. David Russell said.

"Whenever this person's house burned down, my husband had given him a place to live for his family and everything else," says victim's wife Cathy Adams-Daynes. "This was supposed to be his friend. We're not sure how this happened. He didn't deserve this and you know, now the whole family's just left trying to pick it up. He was a 33-year-old man. He was young."

Neighbors say this is a close-knit area and many of them know each other. They're very upset about what happened.
"Just got back from fishing and saw the lights, but I already knew it wasn't something good," says Valorie Mast.

Daynes's wife says they recently separated, but she loved him and can't believe how suddenly he's gone, just minutes after her son went for a visit.

"They left at like 7:59. Him and his girlfriend left. Joe was in the front yard playing with his dog Charlie and then by 8:16 we get the call," says Adams-Daynes.
"I knew both the guys. It's kind of hard to understand you know that just 3 hours ago, they were running around together talking," says Stacy Landers.

Neighbors who knew Daynes and Harralson are shocked by the sudden turn of events.

"He's disabled, got a lot of problems. He's got a short fuse and so did the boy who got killed," says Marie Landers.

 "When I went in and tried to talk to him and there wasn't much I could talk to him about, he just screamed and yelled at me," says Stacy Landers. "He told me he was gonna wait for the police."

"I understand whenever you're drunk or whatnot, you're mouthy. The other gentleman was mouthy too. It should have never happened," says Adams-Daynes.
While witnesses struggle to understand what happened, Daynes's wife says now she and his family members are left planning for a funeral. "This is a human being. He doesn't deserve it. It's not right," says Adams-Daynes.

"His family's going to be devastated and the man who lived there, his family's going to be devastated. It ruined everybody's life for nothing," says Marie Landers.
"It's crazy, man. It's just like in the blink of an eye, it's over," says Stacy Landers.

Adams-Daynes says her husband leaves behind two stepchildren and the family hopes to hold a vigil at Lake Texoma in the coming days. The Sheriff's Office will submit the case to the DA to determine if any charges are warranted.


SATURDAY UPDATE-- Deputies on Saturday identified the man killed in the confrontation as Joe Daynes, 33, and the homeowner who they say suffered a broken elbow and was taken to the TMC and then arrested on an unrelated warrant and taken to the Grayson County Jail as  Kenneth Harralson, 56.

The case is under investigation.  Sgt. David Russell released the following statement:

On 6/20/2014 at 8:16 pm Sheriff Office Deputies responded to an assault in progress at 95 Janice Dr.  Arriving the deputies observed, Joe Daynes, 33, lying on the front porch of the residence belonging to Kenneth Harralson, 56.  Deputies were advised in their initial interview that both parties had been together during the day and Mr. Daynes left.  Mr. Daynes returned, started banging on the front door and kicked it open.  An altercation occurred between Mr. Daynes and Mr Harralson in the door way.  The altercation continued onto the front porch where Mr. Daynes succumb to his injuries. Mr. Daynes ws pronounced dead by the JP at the scene.  Mr. Harralson was transported to TMC and where he was diagnosed with superficial wounds and a broken elbow.  Once released Mr. Harralson was arrested on an unrelated warrant and placed in the Grayson County Jail.  The case is still under investigation and once completed it will be submitted to the D.A.’s Office for review of charges.

FRIDAY UPDATE - It happened around 8 p.m. Friday at a home at 95 Janice Dr., in a neighborhood near Camp Rocky Point and Grandpappy Point.

One resident was taken to the hospital for treatment and the body of a neighbor who was found dead was removed late tonight and taken to Dallas for an autopsy.
Chief Deputy Tom Rains says no names are being released at this time. The investigation is underway and deputies were collecting evidence from around the home, which was blocked off with crime scene tape.

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