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Viral blog has pet owners wondering if it's safe to give ice water to dogs

DENISON -- The dog days of summer are almost here.

As temperatures heat up, there are new concerns about whether it's okay to give your dog ice water.

The question is being raised because of a story that's circulating online. The story is being shared because many dog owners want to get the word out if it is, in fact, the case that giving ice to dogs is dangerous.

After Britney Strickland takes her dog out for a jog, she says she sometimes tosses a few ices cubes into his water bowl.

"My dogs seem to enjoy the ice," she said. "They actually take the ice out of the bowl and play with it."

But a viral blog post making the rounds on social media now has her wondering. "If my dogs too hot, should I give it water with ice in it or if he's just hot would it be okay to add ice?" she asked.

The title of the blog is "NO ICE WATER FOR DOGS... PLEASE READ ASAP."

It describes a dog that ended up in surgery after drinking a bowl of ice water.

The blogger says the dog suffered from a severe case of bloating and that the vet said giving a dog ice water was a "big no no."

"It is a serious situation but it usually takes more than ice water to do that," Dr. David Tidwell with Texoma Veterinary Hospital said.

Dr. Tidwell says ice alone probably isn't what caused the problem but rather a combination of the dog drinking a lot of water at once and going from being too hot to cold, too fast.

"Day in and day out, if a dog drinks ice water it's very unusual that they're going to have a major complication from that," he said.

Dr. Tidwell says if your dog overheats, suffers a heat stroke or appears bloated, call your vet immediately.

But if they're just hot, he says tap water and a cool towel on their legs should do the trick.

"That's good to know," Strickland said.

Strickland, who also owns the Denison dog grooming business, Big Dog Little Dog, says she'll share the advice with customers.

Dr. Tidwell says the bigger concern dog owners need to think about when dishing out ice is the possibility that biting down on the cubes could break a tooth.