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New petition to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma

MADILL -- There is a new push in Oklahoma to legalize pot.

A petition being circulated aims to make marijuana an option for those who may need it for medical reasons.

At Jones Pawn in Madill, the petition is sparking quite a bit of conversation.

"It ignites conversation anytime you bring it up, I'm sure," store owner Kendall Jones said.

The petition calls for the legalization of medical marijuana. It was put there by the Tulsa-based organization Oklahomans for Health.

"Surprisingly, it's people like my parents age, in their 60's, 70's and 80's, it's the baby boomers that are coming in and signing these petitions," Jones said.

Jones Pawn is one of dozens of locations statewide where the organization is now trying to drum up support.

Earlier this year, another petition to decriminalize marijuana in Oklahoma City didn't get the signatures it needed to move forward.

Mark Woodward, spokesperson for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics says he feels many of the claims being made by pot proponents are skewed. "It is not this windfall of money. It doesn't take the black market away," Woodward said.

He says the Bureau hopes to throw a wrench into plans for the most recent petition by getting the word out about what it says are the dangers of drug use. "Our main focus is getting the other side out about the dangers of drugs and how we need to be focusing on positive, healthy choices," Woodward said.

So far at Jones Pawn, six people have signed the petition in the past week.

KTEN tried contacting Oklahomans for Health but have not heard back.

The petition needs 160,000 signatures to make it onto the November 4 ballot.