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Daughter Arrested For Murder After Pottsboro Woman Beaten To Death

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Some residents near Pottsboro are resting a little easier tonight, after deputies say they caught the woman who beat a senior citizen in her own home this winter, causing fatal injuries.

Investigators say the suspect became emotional this week and tried to swim into a pond to retrieve a hammer they believe she used to kill her own mother, and we've learned the motive may have been money.
Seven months since her mother's death, the crime was weighing on Shelia Mae Wolfe, 53, of Pottsboro, investigators said.

"We made an arrest yesterday as a result of this investigation," says Sheriff's Office Sgt. David Russell.

According to court documents, Wolfe invited a deputy over to her home Monday, where she was holding her head in her hands amd questioning whether she'd killed her mother.

Later, she called again. Russell found her at a friend's pond about 1 mile from the crime scene, with a knife and a bible, according to investigators.

She allegedly said she had thrown a sledgehammer in the water -- the one she "got out of Mama's bedroom," and she remembered her mother "gurgling blood."

When she tried to jump in the water, deputies say they restrained and arrested her.

 "She was arrested at the residence. Her residence had changed since then," says Russell.

Investigators say Denison Fire Department divers later located the hammer in the pond off Flowing Wells Road.

The autopsy showed Marlene Cannon, 70, had multiple fractures on the left side of her head and had been strangled, documents show.

Cannon was found in her bed with her head bloodied at the home at the intersection of Flowing Wells and Scott Hill Road on Dec. 16.

Investigators say Wolfe was also burning something in trash barrels that night, which they were told was unusual because it's not something she normally did.

"Any time we have a criminal act of this magnitude, to trace all the evidence and to eliminate what is not right and focus on what is, it just takes a while to do that, to cover all the bases," says Russell.

 "I just hope that they prove that it was her and that Marlene can rest now, you know, because she was a good woman," says victim's friend Connie Waggoner.

Documents show investigators were told Cannon might not support her daughter financially and that Wolfe was scared Cannon would outlive her and spend all of her inheritance. One friend isn't surprised.

 "Just the way that they were together," says Waggoner.

 "At first, yes I was, I was really surprised at first. If she done it that's what we gotta find out is if she done it," says victim's friend Doug Pape.

Wolfe was arraigned Wednesday and the bond was set at $1 million.  Documents show wolfe has previously been arrested on charges including arson, assault, and DWI. The two lived together up until Cannon's death, and deputies say Wolfe has recently been living nearby. 

Alex Belser, KTEN News

GRAYSON COUNTY -- According the Grayson County Sheriff's Office, an arrest has been made in connection with the brutal murder of a Pottsboro woman.

Marlene Cannon, 70, was found severely beaten at a home on Scott Hill and Flowing Wells Road on December 16, 2013. She was flown to Medical City in Plano in critical condition and died as a result of her injuries.

Today, the sheriff's office said it executed an arrest warrant for murder on Shelia Mae Wolfe, the daughter of Marlene Cannon in reference to her murder.

The sheriff's office said the case is still being investigated.

Wolfe's bond was set at $1 million.

KTEN will have more on the developments tonight at 5 and 6pm.