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Teen's body recovered after drowning

BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- The body of a teen who disappeared on Lake Texoma over the weekend has been found. The victim has been identified as Cecilio Perez  Zamarripa, 20,  of Sherman. Officials say the recovery happened around 3:00 p.m. Tuesday. Crews found the body 100 yards west of the East shore line in seven feet of water.  According to the report, Zamarripa was swimming, became fatigued and went under water.

While the recovery has been made, people within the lake community say this is has been a frustrating time for the family and friends standing by.

“It's a terrible thing and i hate to see it,” said Shelly Morgan, of the Lake Texoma Association, “especially in someone so young."

It was another day of watching and waiting for the family of Zamarripa who disappeared in Lake Texoma on Sunday night. Search crews were back on the scene early Tuesday morning. OHP and the Army Corps of Engineers had two boats out using sonar technology and the Colbert Dive Team again on stand- by. They also had a plane over head checking the shoreline.

People within the lake community like Morgan, continue to focus on safety reminders especially for younger lake goers.

"For teenagers I understand, I have a teenager myself,” said Morgan. “They start to think that they're big and they understand what's going on."

Some boaters say they've seen too many young people out on the water by themselves.

"Stay in your area where you have a lifeguard and always swim in pairs,” said Cliff Hankins, a frequent boater. At least two people together where one knows what the other one is doing if he should get in trouble and he can help him out."

Morgan says swimming isn't a dangerous activity on the lake unless people are in the wrong area.

"If you're not swimming in the designated swim area, then you're even at greater risk," said Morgan.

Officials continue to emphasize how important wearing a life jacket is, but Morgan says many don't realize life jackets aren't just a precaution for boaters.

"If you're not a strong swimmer, you definitely want to make sure you're wearing your life jacket,” said Morgan. “You can't see the bottom of the lake, it's not like a swimming pool.”