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Crews still searching for missing teen on Lake Texoma

CARTWRIGHT, OK -- Crews are still out at Lake Texoma in Cartwright searching for the 19 year old boy who disappeared Sunday night.

The teen is one of several people who are still missing in Texas and Oklahoma waters this weekend. Crews recovered a body in Northeast Oklahoma early Monday morning and a search still continues in Denton County at Lake Lewisville.

As officials continue their investigation in Cartwright, the Army Corps of Engineers is reminding people to be careful on the water.

"This is the prime example of swim together, wear a life jacket,” said Joe Custer, with the Army Corps. “Obviously, this individual my understanding was not wearing a life jacket. And that one simple task alone would have you know kept this from happening."

The search for the 19 year old boy started shortly after 7 p.m. on Sunday night. Crews from several agencies searched on the surface of the lake while two helicopters searched from above. Officials say the teen was last seen in the water near Willafa Woods Road in Cartwright.

Crews were back on the scene early Monday morning. Oklahoma Highway Patrol has taken over the investigation. OHP Lake Control and the Army Corps have three boats on the water using sonar size scan. The Colbert Dive Team is also on hand and officials say this type of search takes time because divers wait for the scan to pick something up before going under.   

"Generally the size scan is pretty effective,” said Lt. Scott Hampton with OHP, “but they just have a large area to hit on."

The family of the missing teen stayed on the lake while search crews worked. They say the teenager was out with three other friends Sunday. Army Corps says people need to be more aware when on the lake this year.

"The lake is low so you can walk out a long ways right now and be in very shallow water,” said Custer. “Then all the sudden you hit a river channel or sometime of drop off and you get into deep water very quickly.. and we get into these types of situations."

OHP is still investigating what could have possibly happened to the teenager Sunday night. They say crews will be on the lake until they find the subject. No word on whether alcohol or drugs were a factor.

For now, they do warn people to avoid the search area to make sure the investigation isn't hurt.

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