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Health Experts Urge People to Slather on the Sunscreen

TEXOMA -- The official start of summer is just around the corner and health experts are urging people to protect themselves from the sun. They say the number one weapon is sun screen and they're urging you to slather it on.

Hiding from the sun's harmful UV rays is a challenging task for Jeremy Rogers who is working his eighth summer as a life guard for Fairview Pool in Sherman.

"We wear sunscreen all day, every day. The big thing about UV rays and the sun is from 10 o'clock to 3 o'clock because the angle of the sun that is when the worst UV rays come out."

Dr. Clint Moss from Texoma Dermatology Clinic in Sherman says one of the biggest problems he sees is people not applying enough sun screen.

"One ounce of sun screen, about a shot glass size of sun screen, normally covers the sun exposed areas of head and neck and for arms so if you are going to be out in a bathing suit or out at the lake you probably need to use at least two or three ounces of sun screen."

Rogers says he wears SPF 50 and applies it every hour or two to help him stay clear of those harmful UV rays.

While many people think having a golden tan in the summer looks good, dermatologists say getting a tan isn't exactly the healthiest thing for your skin.

"We like to call a tan the pre-cancerous glow, and so its not good to get a tan. In fact a tan is the way your body is telling you that its had radiation damage," says Dr. Moss.

If necessary doctors recommend a spray tan.

"Spray on tans are becoming much more realistic, much more affordable, and they are much safer," says Dr.Moss.

"I know a lot of the guards have been sun burned and have learned their lesson from that so its a lot better for us to just go ahead and apply the sun screen and not worry about having to be burnt and miserable all day," says Rogers.

Dermatologists say choose a sunscreen that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays and apply a good amount of sun screen every two hours.