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Pontotoc County Detention Officer Amidst Sexual Accusations

ADA, OK -- Last month a Pontotoc County deputy was arrested for failing to log evidence during an arrest.

Yesterday the sheriff's office says a detention officer was arrested after sexual accusations made by a female inmate.

Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian says he's concerned after a second employee has been accused of a crime in the past month.

"This again is a violation of that trust put upon us by the citizens of Pontotoc County," said Christian.

The sheriff says 42-year old Kevin Clark, a detention officer at the Pontotoc County Justice Center, was arrested on a charge of forcible sodomy and two counts of rape by instrumentation.

A court affidavit states the first encounter between Clark and the female inmate occurred on June 7.

It says Clark grabbed the female by the back of her head before she performed oral sex on him. The affidavit goes on to describe two more encounters between the jailer and inmate.

The sheriff says the center's video cameras aided an investigation done by the district attorney's office to verify the inmate's claims.

"Of course it doesn't show...they went to places were there weren't any cameras," said Christian. "But you see them gong into those areas together."

One Ada citizen who spent time in the center several years ago says the jailers should be monitored.

"Either that or a woman officer should have to deal with the women," said Charity Risner. "Something like that. I mean it's just too scary."

Sheriff Christian says his detention officers know he can monitor the center at any time, and thorough background checks are done before they begin duty.

"Certainly I will look at any changes and will take any suggestions," said Christian. "But at this time I don't know what more we can do."

Clark appeared before a judge Friday afternoon and declined to comment as he left the courthouse.

Sheriff Christian says Clark was retired from the military after an impeccable service record, and had been employed at the Justice Center since last August.