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Denison Families Oppose STAAR Retest, 164 Still Missing


DENISON, TX--Some North Texas families are lashing out against the state and their kids' school district after more than 100 standardized tests disappeared. End-of-the year STAAR exams are now mysteriously missing for 164 Denison ISD students. 

"I don't think it's fair because if my daughter lost her homework, she wouldn't get a second chance," said Denison mother Sharon Hoover. "So why should the state get a second chance for losing something that the kids didn't do?"
Hoover's 16-year-old daughter Britnee Ray will be a junior this year at Denison High School. She's one of 164 students whose STAAR test can't be located.  
"It's really stressful on a lot of kids, especially for the ones who struggle with school," said Ray.
The exam is a statewide requirement, and Denison faculty members say a summer retest will be necessary after Pearson--an Austin-based testing company-- lost the exams. Ray and her mom, however, say they are one of many families who won't stand for it.
Ray showed us the letter she received informing her that her test was missing. It's postmarked June 6--Denison's last day of school. Her family says the late notification will interfere with a lot of kids' summer plans.  
"It doesn't just affect the school, it affects the parents, and the students, and the employers, and the vacations and peoples' wallets," said Hoover.
"If I have to be at my job, I'm probably going to have to quit," said Ray. "And I know my family needs me, because I have to pay for some bills myself."
Some parents believe the students should be given a choice: retake the test or accept a low passing grade.  
"If they don't want to take the test, at least give them a 70 because they deserve to pass," said Jennifer Diamond.
Ray says she and her classmates just want their summer back.

"It's supposed to be a summer of fun," she said, "not having to stress over a test that we have to take and pass in order to graduate."
Families we've spoken to this week say they'd prefer students to take it in the Fall when they're back in school mode. Hoover says she and some other parents have discussed taking legal action. Pearson has still failed to return any of our calls.