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Sherman Denison Ranked Seventh Most Affordable Area in U.S.


DENISON, TX--A recent report listed the top 100 most affordable cities in the U.S., and an area here in Texoma was at the top of the list.  
Believe it or not, that Texoma city is actually two -- Sherman and Denison. And a new study by the company Nerd Wallet shows it is actually ranked the seventh most affordable city in the country.  
"The one thing about this particular study is it looks at a variety of different things from products to health care to housing," said Scott Connell, president of Sherman Economic Development Corporation. 
Connell says he isn't surprised by the good ranking.
"Every year, we're in the list. Lots of Texas cities, Oklahoma cities, as well, are always most affordable cities in America."
In fact, the area ranks seventh on the list, falling behind a few other cities in the area including Norman, Oklahoma, Pryor Creek, Oklahoma and Harlingen, Texas, which ranked number one. Nerd Wallet analyst Sreekar Jasthi says six factors contribute to this ranking.  
"Those six different factors are housing, grocery items, utilities, transportation costs, health care and miscellaneous goods and services," said Jasthi.
Jasthi says on average, the cost of an apartment here is $601, the cost of a home is $236,000. In addition, he says local residents pay about $138 per month for their utilities. Patients shell out about $105 for a visit to a Texoma physician.
Nerd Wallet analysts say they've actually noticed a trend in people starting to pay attention to rankings like this to map out their living options across the country.  
"People want to empower themselves with the knowledge and information to be able to be more savvy when it comes to all sorts of costs, even living costs like this," said Jasthi.
Connell says because these rankings are relative to the East coast and West coasts, he says he expects Sherman Denison to remain on this list for many years to come.