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Tom Bean Elects New Superintendent

TOM BEAN - The school district of Tom Bean has a new superintendent. Board of Trustee members unanimously elected Troy Roberts to head their school administration next year.

Troy Roberts comes to the Tom Bean school district from Grand Prairie where he served as an assistant school principal and dean.

Roberts says he is excited to return to a small school district.

"I grew up in a very small town, about the same size maybe a little smaller than Tom Bean and so my wife and I are very excited that our children are going to be able to grow up in kind of the same atmosphere that we grew up in."

The Board of Trustees for Tom Bean are very excited to welcome Roberts as their new superintendent.

"We are very excited to have Mr. Roberts be in Tom Bean. We are glad that he chose Tom Bean and we are very confident in his capabilities and look forward to working with him. He brings a wealth of experience," says Jinger Peeples, the Board President of Tom Bean.

Roberts says the new school year will feature a newly renovated elementary school and the children will have access to a doctor through Children Medical Center and Telehealth, an internet based technology.

"So our students will now have a direct link to a pediatrician. They don't even have to leave school, they have a one on one with a pediatrician if the parents consent to that."

Roberts says Tom Bean is already a great school district and is looking forward to continuing its legacy.

"Our schools are very safe, we have low discipline issues so that's more time on task for our students in the classroom and teaching and learning so its a very nice district to be a part of and we are very excited about that."

Roberts says his goals include more community involvement and bringing new technology programs to the school district.