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164 STAAR Tests Lost for Denison Students, Retest Necessary


DENISON, TX--Local students who thought school was out for the summer might be returning sooner than they think after more than 164 end-of-the-year exams went missing. If they aren't found, those students will be heading back to the classroom early.
"For them to have to retake them, I feel like that's just going to put more pressure on them than what they had to begin with," said Denison mother Rolanda Morrow. 
Denison students have just barely begun to enjoy their summer vacation, but school faculty says a misplacement of 164 STAAR tests could bring students back in July.
Denison's director of testing Brent Hoy said, "They're ruling out where the tests could be and where the tests might be."
Hoy said his administration shipped off about 4,000 STAAR tests to Pearson--an Austin-based testing company. It wasn't until Pearson returned the assessments that teachers realized what they were missing.
"They started identifying individual students who are missing results," said Hoy. "So we immediately got on the telephone with Pearson to try and track what's going on." 
School officials say a retest will be necessary for those 164.
Hoy says the school is working closely with Pearson to recover those missing tests. However, parents and students say retaking the exam might not be to their advantage.
"They may have forgotten it, and what if they don't do as well this time as they did the last time?  I think that's going to have a huge impact on these kids," said Angie Patton.
Denison senior Mattie Barrera said, "It's a state test, but the fact that we weren't the cause of them losing it, I really don't think the students should have to pay the price of having to retake it."
Denison ISD says they understand the mishap is an inconvenience.  
"We do realize that for the individual student, it is a big deal," said Hoy. "Things are being done, and we're working within the system we have to try and find these tests. That's our priority and our number one goal."
Hoy says he has reached out to the families of those students who might need to retake the STAAR exam. The school will be opening its doors in June for students who might need to start studying again. We reached out to Pearson for comment, but have yet to hear back.