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Midsummer Night's Dream brings large crowd in Sherman

SHERMAN, TX -- Sunday night was the last showing of a Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Pecan Grove Park West Theater in Sherman. The show opened on May 30th and had, what the director says, an overwhelming response from the community.

Karen Tooley with the Downtown Sherman Preservation and Revitalization (DSP&R), the group that puts on the show says they've had over 1,300 people attend the five performances they've put on so far including one in pouring down rain.

"I got my degree in writing,” says Annie Dering, who has attended the show twice, “I love Shakespeare and the play. I was so excited that they had this Shakespeare at the grove."

Dering attended the first performance for a Midsummer Night’s Dream with a friend and says she couldn't wait to share the experience with her children.

"I knew that they might not understand the language and the speech,” she said, “but I think they'll get it. These actors are great, they really portray the emotions that Shakespeare intended in their play."

The show's director Diana Adair says she was amazed with the acting talent already in Sherman, which made casting an easy task.

"Auditions were so easy,” Adair said, “so many people came, they were all talented. We put the show together and not only were but they want to work hard."

Tooley says the response within the community has surpassed what she originally hoped for.

"We were hoping that the cast didn't out number the audience so we were just thrilled the first night when we had almost 200,” she said, “and we couldn't believe it and it's just grown. It’s just been really fun."

Tooley says the goal behind the show was to provide people in Sherman with a free, family friendly event.

Dering says seeing the performance was a great way to kick off the summer with her children and knowing some of the actors will make it even more enjoyable.

"It's fun to see people we know doing something like this outside of their role in our lives and church and school,” she said, “so I think they're really going to enjoy this.”

Tooley tells KTEN that after this show's success she's excited to open a new show this time next year, though she's waiting to release those details.