Two-Month Delay Near Busiest Texoma Shopping Area Starts In Thre - - No One Gets You Closer

Two-Month Delay Near Busiest Texoma Shopping Area Starts In Three Weeks

SHERMAN, TX -- New information tonight on the construction that will delay drivers at Texoma's busiest shopping area. Drivers will get a few more weeks of steady traffic before a bridge is shut down.

Just at a meeting outside Academy on Friday afternoon, TxDOT engineers and the contractor talked and decided to cross out June 16 on the yellow sheets they were handing out. So, we've got a little bit of a reprieve. But get ready, because delays are coming.

A manager at LifeWay Christian Bookstore crossed Highway 75 for this public meeting, but in a few weeks that trip will take a bit longer.

"It seems like they have a good plan of the traffic flow and how it going to work to try to keep everybody going where it doesn't affect business too much on the west side of 75," says Chris Tesar.

TxDOT says the Loy Lake Road bridge will close for 8 to 10 weeks starting on June 30.

"It gets backed up so much over there on the road that it's also a safety issue too," says Tesar.

During busy shopping times, this whole intersection gets very congested, and that's why TxDOT and contractor Ragle Inc. is building this new second bridge about 5 feet from the old one.

"To widen the road from 2 lanes to 4 with left turn lanes and we're going to start closing the bridge," says TxDOT Paris District public information officer Tim McAlavy.

The city of Sherman has a small piece of the roadwork on the south side, and they're hoping to do their work sometime while the bridge is closed in July and August.

"It would be ideal to shut it all down at the same time and route people around that area," says city engineer and public works director Clay Barnett.

Barnett says the city's piece of the work on the roughly $6 million project shouldn't cause too much more disruption than there will already be.

"Anybody that wants to get over here is going to have to go down the frontage road of 75 down to 82, take the U-turn, come back up in order to get to this area anyway," says Barnett.

"People need to slow down and obey the traffic signals and our flaggers," says McAlavy. "We will have some detour routes set up. Those going northbound will have to be off on the service road they'll go on up and use the overpass on Fallon Dr., and those who are coming south on 82 will come down and U-turn to go back north."

So starting the last day of June, add some extra time if you're headed to that area. We're told there will also be "aesthetic improvements" with colored and textured concrete in the island medians and painting of the bridge.