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Administrators Say "No Direction" After Repeal Of Common Core

ARDMORE, OK -- Governor Mary Fallin recently signed a bill repealing Common Core education standards in the state of Oklahoma.

Administrators in several school districts across southern Oklahoma say they are frustrated by the move.

Schools may be empty for the summer, but educators are busy prepping for the coming academic year.

"It will be another fall of apprehensive teachers coming back wondering, 'what now?'" said Missy Storm, assistant superintendent of Ardmore Public Schools.
But the recent repeal of Common Core has administrators dealing with another challenge.

Superintendents in Ardmore, Lone Grove and Madill say the change has left them without a direction.

"There's no consistency that you can gather from any of the data because you never have any consistency in what you're measuring," said Todd Garrison, superintendent of Lone Grove.

Assistant superintendent Missy Storm says those measures and expectations haven't been written yet.

"We've moved from past objectives into common core and now into the unknown," said Storm.

Madill Superintendent Jon Tuck says he's concerned legislation is re-packaging the same problems under Common Core just with a different name.

One superintendent says many district intangibles will be effected as well.

"It's more than just changing standards," said Garrison. "It's a lot of time and money and direction and leadership that it effects as well."

All school officials we spoke to Friday were not surprised at Governor Fallin's signing.

And say work will begin immediately to find that new direction before school starts in the fall.

"Whatever comes around, we will regroup," said Storm. "Good teaching is good teaching. Always has been. Always will be."

Common Core standards have been adopted by more than 40 states in an effort to better prepare students for college and the workforce.

Oklahoma joined Indiana and South Carolina who repealed common core earlier this year.