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Second Murray County Escapee In Two Weeks Recaptured

SULPHUR, OK -- People in the town of Sulphur are relieved Thursday night, after the second escapee from the Murray County jail in as many weeks was captured around midnight last night.

Deputies say the man was on his way to make a court appearance for a high speed chase on Monday when he took off again.

Folks in Sulphur were on pins and needles after 31-year old Brandon Evans escaped from the Murray County jail around noon on Wednesday.

"Yeah I think there was a little bit of uncertainty," said Shelly Sawatzky, who works just a couple blocks away from the jail. "A little bit of nervousness around town yesterday."

Davis police arrested Evans on Monday on multiple charges after leading them on a high speed chase.

Deputies say Evans was making a phone call before his initial appearance in court when he jumped through a window which used to be covered with glass and then made a break for it out the front door.

Neighbors along 12th street heard numerous rumors of the escapee's location throughout the day.

"I seen the helicopter flying around the park area," said Kenneth Price, who has live in Sulphur for more than 20 years. "That's about it they just kept flying around looking."

But authorities found no sign of him as the day got darker.

"It got really scary then," said Angie Barker, a resident on Atoka street. "The police cars were already just driving through the allies around the block, just for hours."

Angie Barker, who shot cell phone video of Evans' capture at the corner of 12th street and Atoka street just after midnight, feared Evans was in the vicinity of her home during most of his escape.

"We had found out that he had stolen cloths off of a clothes line just in the alley behind my house," said Barker.

Several people in Sulphur we spoke to say the frequency of escapes has them concerned.

"They sound like they need to do something to change it up there," said Jerry Lampkie. "Make some changes or something."

Sheriff Richardson told KTEN News that several changes to make the jail more secure have already been made.

Sheriff Richardson says that Evans will remain at the Murray County jail and will likely make a court appearance sometime next week.