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American Legion Post At Lake Texoma Sues To Evict 75-Year-Old Man

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- A property dispute at Lake Texoma has one community in an uproar. The issue is pitting neighbor against neighbor, and now a judge is involved.

Today, both sides argued in an eviction case involving a resident in one neighborhood off Highway 289. It brought many people who live there out to watch, and it all has to do with something they say the resident built on his property.

It's said good fences make good neighbors, but at the homes around the American Legion Post 231, one man's fence is causing division. "He needs to go. No one wants him here. He just needs to go away," says camper Donnette Wilson.

The post on the Preston peninsula is suing to evict Wayman Reed, 75, from a lot on Air Force Dr. "Well, I think he needs to get on out of here," says camper James Dolezalek.

"He don't want to follow their rules here and move his fence,to go by the rules here," says camper Susan Grant. "Everybody out here has to go by the rules of this campground or the area they live in. At any of them here, the Elks, they got rules!"

The wooden fence that's at the heart of the dispute comes inches from the trailer next door.

"Don't be nice! Don't be nice to me," says Reed. Reed says his lawyer told him not to talk right now, hours after more than a dozen people showed up to attend his trial on Thursday.

Residents say the former owner of the trailer next door died, but someone else bought it and is trying to cover it with a metal stand-alone roof. But they say with the fence in the way, he can't extend it all the way over the trailer.

"Yes, I support them doing an eviction because of the stuff he's pulled," says Grant. "He's constantly causing this area problems!"

"I think we all have rules to live by out here," says neighbor Sherry Perkins. "I mean we got rules, we got paper rules when we had stuff done to our property, and he didn't."

A couple people we talked to say there's no definite property lines and the neighborhood shouldn't be turning against Reed, but many others say his actions have gone too far.

"A little community, a family community, but we're scared to let our family out anymore, because you never know what he's liable to do," says Wilson.

Reed is a longtime resident and the post's attorney, Don Jarvis, also has a home down the road. Judge Carol Siebman will consider arguments from both sides before issuing her ruling.