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Beaver connected to cause of four alarm fire in Sherman

SHERMAN, TX -- Officials have identified the cause of a four alarm fire that destroyed a business in Sherman Wednesday night. 

Several streets had to be shut down in Sherman Wednesday afternoon as firefighters from several department scrambled to get the fire out. Investigators say it started because of electrical problems in the building and they now believe a beaver may be to blame.

"The property owner reported to us that for the last couple of days they had some electrical issues within the building itself," said Sherman Fire Chief JJ Jones.

Those issues reported include power outages, surges and even noticeable sparks within electrical panels along the walls. Sherman crews had help from twelve different fire departments across Texoma as well as help from Sherman Public Works, Red Cross and Oncor.

"Oncor Electronic came out pretty quickly,” Chief Jones said, “and secured the power to a great portion of that neighborhood, this allowed firefighters to enter the building safely. They had all the power cut off."

The owner declined to go on camera until he had spoken with his insurance company, but he did have a theory on who might have started the fire that ruined his business.

"During fire fighter operations one of our officers reported that there was still power to one of the areas so Oncor came back out my fire investigator went back out with the Oncor representative,” he said, “and they did find a tree that had fallen by a beaver- very recently."

The representative determined this tree falling because of the beaver contributed to electrical dysfunction within the building, explaining the power outages and sparks in electrical panels the owner had complained about.

“That information combined with what we found,” Chief Jones said, “it would be real hard for me to say that a beaver caused this fire. But all indications are that this tree interrupting one of the circuits to this building may have been a contributing factor to the fire."

KTEN is still looking into what will happen to those customers who were waiting to pick up furniture there, but KTEN will bring you that information as soon as we know more.