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Stage set for graduation at Munson Stadium

DENISON -- Friday is the last day of school for many students in Texas.

This weekend, seniors at Denison High School will graduate at the same place commencement has been for the past 40 years. But this year, the ceremony at Munson Stadium almost didn't happen.

The backdrop for graduation this year will be much different than it has in the past.

Munson Stadium is in the middle of a $6 million makeover.

There was a time -- earlier this school year -- when the DISD didn't know if graduation would be held at the stadium.

Parents and students received notices in the fall that because of construction, the school was planning to hold graduation at Eisenhower Auditorium on-campus at Denison High School.

That auditorium is smaller with limited seating and each student was told they'd get four tickets for friends and family to attend.

Then in February, the district announced graduation will move forward at Munson Stadium, despite the on-going construction.

"A lot of seniors were really distraught of thinking of having it somewhere else and we got together, worked hard and made it happen," Keith Citty, site superintendent with Plyler Construction said.

About 1500 chairs have been added to the field to make up for the west stands not being available.

Construction crews say the crowds with only be able to enter on the east end of the stadium.

Gates open at 7:30pm. The ceremony begins at 8:30. Seating is unlimited.

The district says if weather becomes an issue, the ceremony will be moved to Sunday at the same time.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in August.