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Texas A&M Commerce Loses Two Basketball Players to Deadly Crash


PARIS, TX--Two Texoma student athletes are dead after a car crash in Lamar County. It's a tragedy that has rocked the campus of Texas A&M Commerce after two of its star female basketball players died in a Tuesday night collision. 
"Our team is family. We say that in every huddle," said assistant coach Leonard Bishop.
Bishop says the campus of Texas A&M Commerce won't ever be the same.
"Just like losing two family members," he said. "It's tough."
It was about 6:30 Tuesday evening when officers say a car carrying four of the university's female basketball players--La'Tisha Hearne, Zenobia Winbush, Devin Oliver and Aubree Butts--were hit by a semi on FM1497 in Paris.
Paris police chief Bob Hundley said, "According to the witness, the 18-wheeler could be seen coming that way, and they pulled out in front of it."
Twenty-year-old Butts and 21-year-old Oliver--who were in the back seat--didn't survive.
Athletic director Ryan Ivey says the girls were in Paris for a high school basketball game to support a few girls they had met in camps and training. 
"I think it speaks to the volume of their character," said Ivey. "And when we talk about being model student athletes, those two and really those four embody that."
Bishop says only time will help heal his team, and for now they are left remembering two great players--Oliver who he said was the team goofball, and Aubree who was "mature beyond her years."
"Of course, just like anything, losing somebody that you're close to is going to be tough," said Bishop. "But the good thing about it is we're family and we'll get through it together."
Chief Hundley says that intersection is one of the most dangerous in the Paris. He says this makes the third fatality collision in the past eight months. A candlelight vigil will be held for the women on campus Wednesday night at 9.