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Bill to repeal Common Core awaits decision by Gov. Fallin

COAL COUNTY -- Oklahoma could soon become the first state in the country to repeal Common Core educational standards.

HB 3399 is now making national headlines. The bill to repeal Common Core has already passed both the state house and senate.

Despite the relatively recent pushback against Common Core, if HB 3399 is vetoed, it will take effect this August.

The Common Core State standards initiative details what K-12 students should know at the end of each grade.

Oklahoma adopted Common Core in 2010. Full implementation is set to take effect in the fall.

While Senator Josh Brecheen has major concerns over the Common Core's recommended content he says the bigger issue is about the government overreaching its power.

"Common Core has been co-opted through federal dollars, $300 million in federal dollars to do the testing," he said.

Senator Brecheen is sponsoring HB 3399. The bill is now on Governor Mary Fallin's desk.

"It's about federal control," Sen. Brecheen said. "We will be the first state, if the governor chooses to sign this bill, to truly say that Oklahomans ought to control our standards, our assessments."

HB 3399 would put the implementation of Common Core on hold at school districts, like Durant, allowing the state to continue to set its own educational standards.

Parent Ashley Hinkle sees both sides.

She says government intervention could provide more consistent education across the 45 states that have adopted Common Core.

She also feels maintaining state control would allow for more personalized teaching for her two children once they're in grade school. "Because the people around here would know more about what's going on than the government," Hinkle said.

The Governor has until Monday, June 2 to sign the bill or veto it.