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Audit Of Dickson Schools Released

DICKSON, OK -- Back in November, parents and community members in Dickson began circulating a petition for an audit of the school system.

The Oklahoma state auditor and inspector's office recently released the report.

An audit of the Dickson Public School District says board members and administrators have mostly operated within district policies and state laws.

"I'm glad to get it over with, get it behind the school, so they can move on," said Cody Gordon, a parent of a student that attends Dickson schools."

But the state auditor's office says some expenses raised a few eyebrows.

Among a handful of examples from the report, one cited almost $1,00 being charged for six administrators to attend a planning session at a Texas resort.

"It's hard to justify the Gaylord Texan down in Dallas, Fort Worth is convenient to the public of Dickson," said state auditor Gary Jones.

Jones says while the practices are not in violation, they may be deemed as unnecessary or excessive.

"Question is whether or not that's something the public would consider proper use of public funds," said Jones.

"I don't see why it couldn't have been done here," said Gordon. "Could have definitely saved some money there."

A statement released by Dickson schools superintendent Larry Case says they acknowledge the audit does contain findings that are a cause for concern. But he later goes on to say many of the concerns listed have already been addressed this past school year.

Dickson administrators say they "need to do a better job of insuring that existing policies are followed," and they "will review the systems and processes in place to insure compliance."

Parents like Cody Gordon--who signed the petition for the audit--says it's a positive step forward.

"I'll be glad for the school to be able to get started over and get a clean slate," said Gordon.

The audit also looked at activity fund record keeping and employee compensation. Which according to the report, Dickson schools paid some of the highest school district salaries in Carter County.