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Ardmore Sergeant Charged with Animal Poisoning


ARDMORE, OK--An Ardmore police officer faces charges after investigators say he tried to poison dogs in his neighborhood.  
Ardmore police sergeant Barry Antwine was charged Wednesday afternoon with "laying out poison for domestic animals"-- a misdemeanor.
Prosecutors say Antwine  put  a substance -- possibly anti-freeze -- in a bowl in front of his house in early April.
The investigation began when a complaint was filed by a neighbor claiming  Antwine had poisoned several dogs. Officers say at least six dogs died. A vet we spoke to said he treated two dogs that died after ingesting anti-freeze.

On April 7, Antwine was put on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. Chief Ken Grace says he'll remain on leave until the case is resolved.

Antwine is scheduled to be in court June 11.