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Deputies Continue To Investigate Memorial Day Weekend Drowning

CARTER COUNTY, OK -- Deputies in Carter County are continuing to look into a drowning that occurred over Memorial Day weekend.

Two deputies are investigating the death of 17-month old Bryler Quaid after family members and deputies say he fell into the family pool around 8 PM Friday night.

"I think in my heart I know that it was just a tragic accident and I'm really sorry for the grief that they're going through," said Earl Shannon, a neighbor.

Family members and EMS performed CPR but the boy later died at a Dallas area hospital.

KTEN News spoke to a couple of family members on Tuesday, but the little boy's mother wished for the family to not comment on camera.

"This is a very difficult time for me and all of Bryler's family," said Breann Quaid over the phone. "He was loved and he touched so many lives at such a young age."

Sheriff Milton Anthony says the investigation could continue for several weeks.

"We're still in contact with the medical examiner's office out of Dallas," said Sheriff Anthony.

Deputies believe the drowning was accidental.

"We haven't found anything that would say differently," said the sheriff. "We will know the full extent of the investigation once we talk to all parties involved."

Neighbors were sad to hear of the family's loss.

"I think just a little bit of time they'll be OK," said Shannon. "We just give them a little time and then we'll be there."

"We all loved him very much, and he was the light of our life," said Breann. "We would have done anything, anything to have saved him."

Family member say funeral services for the little boy will be held a the end of this week.