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Local Major General Speaks At Davis Memorial Day Service

DAVIS, OK -- A general who hails from Texoma and others in the community hope their rebirth of Memorial Day services will help pass down the importance of Memorial Day to future generations of one Murray County town.

It may appear to be a normal Memorial Day ceremony.

But it wasn't too long ago, a service like the one held Monday wouldn't be taking place at all.
"For so long we didn't have anything in the cemetery here, and it broke my heart," said Edith Bailey-Fish, of Ada.

For several years, Edith would sing the "Star-Spangled Banner" alone at the Greenhill cemetery in Davis to honor fallen veterans.

Now in it's second year, she's hoping the ritual will continue to grow.

Major General Myles Deering, who is also from Ada, wishes younger generations will continue to recognize the importance of Memorial Day.

"Granted Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer, but more importantly it marks a period of time we remember our fallen," said General Deering.

"I think we should all be aware of what they are doing for us," said Bailey-Fish. "They're sacrificing and laying their life on the line every day for our freedom."

For many, the ceremony was a time to remember. With some adding their own personal touch.

Ginger Gravel from Oklahoma City compiled a book listing all the veterans that now rest at Greenhill from the Civil War era on.

"I did my best to make sure they all had flags," said Gravel. "But I ran out of flags."

She and her fellow riders added dozens of names to her book as they placed hundreds of flags at veteran tombstones across the cemetery.

"They need to be remembered," said Gravel. "There were a lot of sacrifices made."

Gravel says she takes peace knowing she did what she could to remember the fallen heroes.

"I don't want to leave anyone out," said Gravel. "I don't ever want them to be forgotten."

  Gravel says the book listing the names of Davis veterans will be given to the city for future Memorial Day services.