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Denison celebrates Memorial Day with annual parade

DENISON, TX -- Despite the rain and overcast skies this afternoon, hundreds made their way to downtown Denison for the annual Memorial Day parade.

"The rain threat I thought was going to be an issue,” said Charlie Vest, who attended the parade, “but it turned out really good. We enjoyed it."

People line up downtown every year to honor local veterans in the parade.  

"We always expect this many people because we park here every year and there's always the same people in every line most of the time,” said Jason White, who also attended the parade, “we've been coming to the Denison parade for about five years now."

It’s an event that holds meaning to many people in Denison.

"I think it’s important for the whole country to come out and thank the men that served,” said Vest, “the men and women that serve for us. The ones that gave their lives for us and I think it's very important."

The Denison Chamber of Commerce hosts it and invites all community groups to enter. There were many young faces in the parade this year as the Denison Boys and Girls Club and the Denison High School marching band all got to walk with veterans.

"I think the kids should be here and see what these guys are doing for us," he said.

The parade follows the same route, starting at the Crawford and Armstrong intersection, before heading onto Main Street and looping back south to Crawford.

"Good entertainment, the clowns were fun,” he said, “it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed it."

"I encourage everybody to come back next year,” said White.” The parade, number one. Number one parade in Denison.”

Each year the Chamber of Commerce chooses a different theme for the parade and this year's theme was courage, sacrifice and freedom.