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Leonard Teenager Facing Grim Diagnosis Wants Fun Summer

VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- Relatives in Van Alstyne are hoping to kick off a memorable summer for a Leonard teenager who just got a grim diagnosis.

What if you knew this summer could be your last? One teen spent an afternoon getting his haircut with a friend, and was planning to ride a motorcycle for the first time, and he dreams of more.

Even after a year, the woman 17-year-old cancer patient Dallas McAdams calls "Mema" can't believe that his battle has taken this turn.

"It's a roller coaster ride that just just hasn't been the way we wanted it," says great aunt Gayle Johnson. "But he's a fighter, he will fight, and he's gonna continue to fight."

"The doctor said that they found more tumors on my lungs and that if I did chemo, there's a 30-percent chance that it'd shrink 'em just a little bit," says McAdams. "But either way, it would have the same effect if I quit. It'd give me just a little bit more lifespan."

McAdams says it all started last spring. "I had a big knot on the side of my knee that looked like a softball and I couldnt walk or anything," he says.

"They said the worst prognosis would be maybe amputation of the leg," says Johnson.

"I sat around the waiting area for about a good 2 or 3 hours and then he came back out and everything was fine," says classmate Jonathan St. George.

But the surgery on his knee didn't stop the cancer and McAdams learned this week that the tumors have spread.

"He don't wake up complaining about all of his surgeries, he don't ever ask why me," says cousin Justin Johnson.

Now, the Leonard High School junior has a decision to make. "We'll support his decision either way he goes," says Justin Johnson. "If he wants to do chemo, we'll support it. If he doesn't want to do any more treatments, we'll support him."

But McAdams says he's pretty sure what he wants to do. "I think the principal's gonna let me out two weeks early for summer," he says.

All the things he hasn't had a chance to. "I've never really been out of the state of Texas or Oklahoma," says McAdams.

"He wants to go see a ocean, he'd love to go on a cruise, and he wants to go to a Rangers game," says Gayle Johnson.

"If he takes chemo, he'll just be in the hospital most of the time. He'll be sick and won't be able to do much and won't be able to do most of the things that we like to do," says St. George. "Go fishing at some of our friends' pond. We like to go camping."

"We want him to be happy and we're gonna have fun and we're gonna do things and pray God heals him," says Gayle Johnson.

Dallas also lost his mom who died in a Dallas motorcycle wreck  last year.  Chiropractor Caleb Braddock says he set up a donation account at Independent Bank in Van Alstyne called BCFW Benevolent Fund. He wants to send the family to Galveston to see the ocean.  There's also a facebook page called Prayers for Dallas McAdams.