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Memorial Day Weekend Begins Summer Season For Some Businesses

ARDMORE, OK --     For many, Memorial Day weekend is a chance to relax, but for some it's the start of a busy summer season.

Memorial Day weekend, it's finally here.

If you haven't already, it'll soon be time to hit the road like millions of others traveling to their Memorial Day weekend getaways.

"We experience a lot of traffic not only up and down the interstate but also along the secondary state highways and U.S. highways, secondary roads," said Lieutenant Jay Clary of Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

And it seems tourism is booming on and off the road.

Jerry Pletcher who owns the Deer Creek Lodges in the Turner Falls area just outside of Davis, says this weekend is the kickoff for big tourism  business.

"It'll run pretty solid from for two months at least and it'll start trickling off all the way to December," said Pletcher.

Despite six out of eight boat ramps being closed this weekend, Assistant Park Ranger Richard Keithly says cabins and campsites at Lake Murray State Park will be full.

"I think everybody is pretty full up right now," said Pletcher.

Richard Logan at Springhill Suites in Ardmore says their hotel will be full this weekend.

"We're seeing some lake travel," said Logan. "We're seeing a lot of graduations, it's that time of year as well. So a little bit of everything, some weddings, and just the highway traffic."

Hotel managers say summer tourism has grown bigger each year for the past several years.

And the memorial day weekend is a good measuring stick of that growth.

"The start of the travel season this weekend will probably indicate how the rest of the summer is going to go for us," said Logan. "Being that we're off to a good start, I think it's a good sign for everybody."

AAA says 36.1 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more over the holiday weekend, 88 percent of them traveling by automobile.