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Texomans undergo Vampire Facelifts in fight against aging

DURANT -- It's a cosmetic procedure with a spooky name, but Lisa Robinette with Bell Amie Medical Spa in Durant says the "Vampire Facelift" isn't nearly as scary as it sounds.

"People, at first, are a little leery of the name," she said.

Robinette is a registered nurse who's performed the procedure numerous times.

To explain how it works she says think about what happens when you scrape your knee.

"Like when you're a kid and you skin your knee and that yellow serum comes over your knee, it grows new tissue. It's the same idea," she said.

The treatment became popular recently by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Bar Rafaelli.

It begins with a single vile of the patient's blood drawn from their arm.
The sample is put into a centrifuge where there it's spun around.

After nine minutes, platelet-rich plasma is separated and prepared in an individual dose.

Meanwhile, "before" photos are snapped and areas to be treated are numbed. Then the plasma is injected all over the face.

"Very little pain, like little pin pricks," customer Bonnie Picker said.

The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes but Robinette says patients will have to wait several weeks to see and feel the difference.

"It just gives it a younger, more youthful, natural look," Robinette said.

A Vampire Facelift will set you back $1,500 but Robinette says results last more than a year. She says people come from as far away as north Dakota and Pennsylvania to have the procedure done.

Customers, like Picker, say when you average it out, the Vampire Facelift is well worth the investment, especially when it comes to improving how you feel when you look in the mirror.

"I think it's really important to feel good about yourself and this helps me do that," Picker said.