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Park Rangers Say Keep Vehicles Off Beaches

LAKE TEXOMA -- Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer lake season, but park rangers at Lake Texoma are warning lake-goers to keep their vehicles off the beaches.

There may not be a better way to relax and cool off than to head to the lake.

Only problem is for some, it's a long ways away.

"The lake is so far from where it used to be that it's a very big inconvenience," said one early lake visitor.

You could just drive closer, but park rangers say that's not an option.

"It is prohibited to operate vehicles off of a designated roadway," said Billy Williams, chief park ranger at Lake Texoma.

Williams say under Title 36 of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers rules and regulations all motorized vehicles must stay off the sand.

Everything from trucks to golf carts.

"It is a safety concern," said Williams. "Already my rangers have worked a lot of incidents."

Williams says the biggest challenge is coverage. Lake Texoma has 560 miles of shoreline, covered by seven park rangers. That means each ranger covers 80 miles of shore.

Communities located near the shores have created parking areas to try and keep vehicles off the beaches.

"Occasionally we have a few all terrain vehicles run up and down the beach here but very seldom do we have any complaints about them anymore," said James Hodges, vice president of Oakview Property Owners.

Some lake-goers think there should be some leeway.

"If it's a golf cart just bringing their stuff down here to the lake that's a big thing that I think it should be allowed," said Makaylah Hartsfield. "I mean you don't want your truck or cars down here, but a golf cart I don't think that's such a big deal."

Others say it'll help keep visitors safe.

"It scares me a lot because people just don't care, some people just don't care," said Natasha Spanhanks. "There's young kids riding up and down here, fast."

Williams says violators are issued a federal citation, which could bring a quick end to that relaxing trip to the lake.

The chief park ranger says if you're cited for violating the regulation, it would be handled through a U.S. magistrates office in their respective states.

For more information on the corp's rules and regulations you can find a link to them here.