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Denison Homicide Victim Found In Field Was Just Released From Prison

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- We're learning more about the Denison man authorities found dead near Sherman yesterday.

The victim was behind bars until earlier this month and has an extensive criminal record. Neighbors are recalling some of the odd encounters they say they had with the man.

As deputies continue their search for a suspect, neighbors tell us they've seen the victim chasing someone down the street in his underwear during the day, and believe he tried to break into homes looking for money.

Deputies identified the man found dead in a field near Sherman as Albert Duane Parker, 48, of Denison.

"That's sad that he died. That's bad," says neighbor Nicole Howell.

"Given his lifestyle, I don't know necessarily that it's a surprise, but it is absolutely tragic," says neighbor Amy Timberlake.

Neighbors of Parker's last-known address in the 300 block of N. Fannin say they regard it as a drug house.

"Selling drugs to people all times of the night and day, and last I knew, he got arrested for having it," says Howell.

"We're doing some interviews with some witnesses, some people who were in the area at that time, and we're trying to run down some possible suspects," says Sheriff's Office Lt. Rickey Wheeler.

Records show Parker pleaded guilty to drug possession back in March, and got a sentence of 6 months in prison, but he received credit for 4 months of time served. It appears he got out just weeks ago.

"He just said he'd gotten out of prison and he'd like to go fishing," says neighbor Koury Ramey.

Deputies declined to release Parker's mug shot Thursday afternoon, but a neighbor tells me he was outside smoking when a man he now believes was Parker came up to introduce himself about a week ago.

"A little bit of a speech impediment, he was a little bit slower," says Ramey. "He had skin grafts he showed me, he had skin grafts on his side and on his arm said he had just gotten out of prison like 4 days ago."

"The kind of people that were going over there and they were smoking outside and you could smell it being cooked," says Howell.

"We actually called the police department when he had all this traffic and all these people that were obviously on drugs in and out of his house, and they told us that we needed to sit and write down license plate numbers," says Timberlake.

"They give us a little bit of preliminary information once they conclude their autopsy and then of course they have to do an investigation themselves on their findings," says Wheeler.

Wheeler says they got back their preliminary results on that autopsy, but won't yet say how Parker died.  No one was at home when we stopped by.  A Facebook page says Parker was in the class of 1984 at Denison High School.