Law enforcement cracking down this Memorial Day Weekend - - No One Gets You Closer

Law enforcement cracking down this Memorial Day Weekend

SHERMAN, TX -- Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest travel holidays of the year. Local law enforcement agencies say more vehicles on the road drives up the risk of accidents. Troopers say they plan to double their highway presence from Friday until Monday.

"It’s more of a reminder as people see us when they go down the highway that they need to put on their seat belts,” said Trooper Mark Tackett, with Texas Department of Public Safety.

The Click it or Ticket campaign kicked off Monday. Troopers on both sides of the Red River are trying to keep drivers and their passengers buckled up.

"We're out there having an effort with this, trying to get people to remember to put it on,” said Trooper Tackett, “even in the back seat, you're 47 percent more likely to survive a crash without injury."

"We believe that an in-town driver that is unrestrained and there’s an out of town person that has an accident,” said Lieutenant Jay Clary with Oklahoma Highway Patrol, “is more likely to have injuries."

But that's not the only driving hazard deputies will have on their radar this Memorial Day weekend. 

"They need to not drink and drive,” said Trooper Tackett.

County judges are stepping into action too with the 24/7 DWI No Refusal Policy in Grayson and Fannin County.

"If an officer pulls someone over and they've been suspected of drinking,” said Fannin County Criminal District Attorney Richard Glaser, “and they refuse a breath test and a blood test, we don't need their consent. The officer can obtain a blood search warrant."

A judge will be on hand at all hours to meet the officer at the hospital and sign the search warrant. Troopers will be out in doubled force, but they say it's only to ensure a safe holiday for Texomans.

"The department of public safety realizes the need to let off stress and kind of vent a little bit during the holidays,” said Trooper Tackett, “and we encourage that in our motoring public. What we do ask if that you do it safely."

Troopers also warn drivers about their cell phone use. If it's an emergency they urge drivers to pull over and make the phone or send the text. Otherwise Troopers say leave your phone in your console.