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Lawmakers work to return Lake Fannin to local control

FANNIN COUNTY -- Lawmakers in Fannin County are moving forward with a plan to return a park to the community's control.

For years, the Lake Fannin Historical Site had been managed by a group called the Lake Fannin Volunteers.

The US Forest Service owns the site  and last spring locked the gates, saying the stone structures and landscape posed a safety risk.

Now, Rep. Ralph Hall plans to introduce legislation in congress that would transfer ownership back to Fannin County.

Meanwhile, volunteers say conditions at the site is getting worse.

"There's a lot of old structures out there. There's a lot of things that need to be done to the camp area and to the dam which is now overgrown with trees. A lot of these things have to be taken care of on a regular basis and the Forest Service just does not have the man power or the money to do that," Lake Fannin Volunteers president Gabe Parker said.

It's unknown when the legislation would be introduced.

The county says it could reach an agreement with the forest service before that happens.

A "Save Lake Fannin" fundraiser is scheduled for June 21 in downtown Ivanhoe.