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Crews replacing tracks following train derailment in Gainesville

GAINESVILLE -- Crews continue to work to replace a stretch of train tracks in Gainesville. Twenty-two cars run by Fort Worth based BNSF Railway derailed at about 8:30 Tuesday night.

The train was carrying iron ore, a non-hazardous rock material.

A stretch of the tracks now has to be replaced before the cars can be put back on.

In the meantime, the crossing at E. Garnett Street is shut down and trains are unable to use the line from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth.

Right now, it's unknown what caused the derailment. A BNSF Railway spokesperson says the company will investigate. No one was injured.

People who live near the tracks say it sounded like a bomb.

"I just heard metal on metal crashing, I mean, it was bad. It rattled my windows in my house and everything and it kind of shook us up. It really did," neighbor Chris White said.

The line is also used by Amtrak. Wednesday, passengers between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth had to be bussed around the wreck.

BNSF Railway says it expects repairs to be finished by 6am Thursday. Gainesville's City Manager says the road crossing may not reopen until Friday and is asking drivers to obey all barricades.