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Texomans react to Chipotle banning guns

SHERMAN, TX -- A popular food chain is banning guns in their stores after an activist group started a social media campaign against the chain.

Until Tuesday Chipotle has complied with local laws regarding the open or concealed carry of firearms.

But after an incident at a Dallas location left customers anxious and uncomfortable, the store is saying no to guns nationwide.

"It’s ridiculous,” said Ryan Fretwell, Chipotle customer. “It's bad. What happens when someone comes in here and robs the place and nobody has it there to protect them."

Chipotle has announced no guns will be allowed inside their stores with the exception of law enforcement officials.

"I'm just still wondering if that's something they can even do," said Jennifer Crousc, Chipotle customer and licensed gun carrier.

Customers brought military assault rifles inside a Dallas location for an 'open carry' demonstration. Jason Web with red river firearms understands why people felt uncomfortable.

"It is kind of intimidating,” said Jason Web, Red River Firearms owner. “Were they actually showing the second amendment right? Yeah. Were they actually under Texas law? Legal because legally I can go down Texoma Parkway with a rifle strapped to my back. Would I do it? No. I wouldn't do it."

The demonstration led members of the group called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense to start a Twitter campaign against chipoChipotle'sent policy.

"The people that protested Chipotle for having people in there with guns,” said Web, “if they're in Texas there's a lot of CHL carriers that eat at Chipotle. But they don't know that the fire arm is there because they don't have it strapped to the front of them."

Some licensed to carry customers in Texas say they aren't happy with Chipotle's decision.

"I have my conceal to carry and I do carry and that's my right to do that,” said Crousc. “I went through the training to do that. I went through the licensing procedure to do that and that's my right and if I can't conceal, I won't come here."

And some believe this move could hurt business.

"I won't come, as will any of my family,” she said. “We are a family that carries."

But others disagree saying they'll remain loyal customers.

"Nah,” said Fretwell, “Chipotle is awesome. It's good."

Web says chipotle will have to follow texas notification laws for banning guns. He says establishments must post signs in a visible area such as window or door and list the restriction in English and in Spanish.