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Four Women Arrested For Robbery, Kidnapping

MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- Accusations of kidnapping and robbery send  four women to the Marshall County jail, another to the hospital.    

Investigators say the women started out together, but that all changed. The four held the other woman at knife point as they tried to rob her.

Deputies say it began last Wednesday afternoon when the four suspects and their eventual victim jumped in a car in Calera, Oklahoma and hit the road.

"It was consensual up to some point," said Danny Cryer, Marshall County Undersheriff. "The kidnapping and robbery started in Gordonville, Texas.

Deputies say the five women crossed back into Marshall County using the bridge on Highway 32 sometime between 3 AM and 2 PM on the last Thursday. Because the kidnapping began in Texas, the Marshall County Sheriff's Office has requested assistance from the FBI.

"When the victim decided not to give up her cash or anything else she had, the four other suspects decided to take it by force," said Cryer.

Investigators say one suspect put a belt around the woman's neck while another one held a knife on her.

"The victim was able to break free from her captives and jump from the moving vehicle out the rear passenger side door," said Cryer.

Deputies say she escaped near Highway 377 and Highway 32.

A couple of workers at a popular area restaurant near the intersection noticed the woman.

"She said, 'There's a girl out in the middle of the road, I think she's hurt," said Brandy Jones, an employee at Crossroads restaurant.

Brandy Jones called 911 and went to help.

"She was a little disoriented," said Jones. "We got her a wet rag and I helped wipe herself up cause she was bleeding pretty bad."

The woman was taken to Integris Marshall County Medical Center to be treated for her injuries.

26-year old Dandi Woodruff, 24-year old Monie Kermanian and 18-year olds Johnnie Doss and Madison Morris were arrested later that afternoon.

The district attorney's office says Doss, Kermanian and Woodruff are charged with 1st degree robbery and kidnapping.

They're scheduled to appear in court at the end of this month.
Morris has bonded out, no word yet on her charges.