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Babysitter disputes claims she neglected children

GRAYSON COUNTY -- A babysitter in Grayson County says she wants to clear her name.

She disputes claims she neglected two children she was supposed to be watching.

She says she'd been watching the children for three days and that they wanted to go home. So, she says they walked out the front door while they were supposed to be napping. Now, the babysitter is facing charges.

Megan Lamb, 22, is a mother of two and often babysits for friends and family members.

"I babysit my brothers kids, my sisters kids, and this has never happened to me," she said.

On March 5, 2014, Lamb was looking after two sisters, ages 2 and 4, at her home east of Denison.

She says she put the girls down for a nap in the living room at about 10:30am, then she fell asleep too.

"My doors were locked, my kids were napping. I've always napped when my kids napped," she said.

But when Lamb woke up, deputies were at her door.

"I got woke up with the cops in my face saying, 'The kids were missing. Where are the kids at?' And I was like, 'They should be asleep on the sofa' and he said 'No, they're in my squad car,'" Lamb recalled.

Lamb says at some point while they were supposed to be napping, the children woke up, unlocked the front door and walked down her driveway to Coe Road.

According to the offense report, a neighbor spotted the two girls a short distance away on Richerson Road, followed them and dialed 9-1-1.

"She unlocked the door and she wanted to go home," Lamb said.

Lamb was arrested and earlier this month a grand jury indicted her on a charge of abandoning or endangering a child through criminal negligence, a felony.

Lamb's husband, Derrick, feels it could've happened to anyone.

"it's been tough. I feel like it shouldn't have went this far," he said.

While the case winds its way through court, regardless of the outcome, Lamb says she wants to set the record straight. "That I'm not a bad mother. That I did not harm kids, that I would never harm kids," she said.

The children weren't hurt and were returned to their parents.

Lamb's next court date is scheduled for June 19.