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City of Sherman Considers to Ban Texting While Driving

SHERMAN -- Texting and driving can be a deadly combination. Now the city of Sherman is considering an ordinance that would ban texting while driving within city limits.

"Texting and driving is too dangerous, it really is too dangerous," says Joan Brown, a driver in Sherman.

Many others in Sherman say they don't text and drive.

"I think with the way traffic and construction is around the north Texas area anything that takes your eyes off the road for more than half a second is pretty dangerous," says Marcus Rasor, another driver in Sherman.

The US government website on distracted driving says 43 states have banned texting to all drivers and Texas is not one of them. However, the city of Sherman is considering making it a city ordinance.

Monday night Sherman police presented studies done on texting and driving to the city council.

"One study indicated that a texting while driving ban at least raises public awareness which may cause an increase in public safety and that is our top priority, public safety," says Lieutenant Stephen Dean from the Sherman Police.

Some members were for the ordinance and others were against it, one criticism being how to enforce people not to text and drive.

Sherman driver Stevie Vee agrees.

"Its going to be kind of hard to catch them though."

"I am confident the Sherman Police Department can enforce any ordinance that the council chooses to enact," says Lt. Dean.

Many drivers we talked to believe the ordinance would be a good thing.

"I think if somebody got a ticket or two and had to pay out of their pocket to do it maybe about as expensive as their phone bill was each month they might think again before they did it the next time," says Rasor.